Georgia Music Relief Fund Application

This fund is established by the Georgia Music Foundation to provide support to working musicians in Georgia who are experiencing dire financial hardship from the loss of income due to the closure of live music venues and tour cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the availability of funds, the Georgia Music Foundation will provide grants of at least $500 to eligible applicants. Funds are intended for food, rent/mortgage, utilities, medical or other vital living expenses. All application information is strictly confidential; individuals who have received grants will not be publicly announced or identified. Within two weeks of application submission, applicant will be notified by the preferred method of contact whether the grant has been approved. Applications will no longer be accepted when all funds have been expended.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a legal resident of the State of Georgia;
  • Be a professional musician or a technical crew member whose primary source of income is as a performing musician in live music venues in the state of Georgia, a touring musician based in Georgia, or as a technical crew member (sound engineer, lighting engineer, etc.) employed by a live music venue in Georgia or touring musician/band based in Georgia;
  • Provide an IRS Form W-9