A Georgia Music Foundation Grant was awarded in 2017 to Global Village Chorus, the musical representative of the Global Village Project (GVP), a special purpose middle school in Decatur serving teenage refugee girls from Afghanistan, Burma, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Nepal, Somalia, and Syria. Internationally acclaimed singer, composer, and recording artist Elise Witt directs the GVP Music Program, which uses singing to help students learn English as part of the GVP STEAM program. The Global Village Chorus creates bridges between the refugee community and the communities of Clarkston, Decatur, Atlanta, and beyond.

The Global Village Chorus meets after school and more than half of the enrolled GVP students participate in the Chorus, which has grown in scope and reach since its initiation 3 years ago. The Chorus repertoire includes original songs written by the students, songs from the students’ home cultures, and selections from the international peace and justice repertoire. In addition to helping students learn English, the music program also provides a means for students to develop leadership and self-confidence, and create community among their very diverse cultures.

To learn more, visit globalvillageproject.org.