Otis Music Camp
Students who attend Otis Music Camp in Macon, Georgia perform in the camp finale.
  1. Learn which music organizations serve kids — youth symphonies, summer camps, after-school programs or the music program at local schools — and make a donation.
  2. Volunteer for a music organization or school music program in whatever capacity is a fit for you, from camp counselor to videographer to fundraiser!

    Eli Chapman tries his hand at trombone. (Photo by Tim Song)
  3. If you have a musical instrument that isn’t being played, donate it to a local music program that will put it in good hands.
  4. If you are a professional musician, participate in career day at a local school and share with students.

    SaVaSa Trio
    Germany’s SaVaSa Trio performs for students at Sallie Zetterower Elementary School in Statesboro, Georgia. (Photo by Jake Hallman)
  5. Become an advocate for music education in our schools and speak with politicians, school leaders and PTA members to influence school budget and curriculum decisions. There are wonderful sources online with research data and NAMM offers the SupportMusic Community Action Kit.
  6. Support fundraisers sponsored by your local middle and high school band boosters – your contributions can help pay for instruments, uniforms, sheet music and much more!

    Elf Power performs at the Georgia Theatre in Athens. (Photo by Jason Thrasher)
  7. Attend musical performances, free and paid, to support local musicians, venues, performing arts organizations, schools and universities.
  8. If you attend a musical performance, buy some swag! A CD or t-shirt purchase can help a band buy gas to the next show.
  9. Help increase visibility for your local music organizations and programs by spreading the word among your family, friends, colleagues and on social media.

    Thomas Dorsey Birthplace Choir from Villa Rica, Georgia performs. (Photo by Diane Kirkland)
  10. Make a joyful noise and share it! Join a community choir, participate in open mic night, start a band or offer to perform at a retirement home.